Nico 0 Sportlichstes Skigebiet, Bergabenteuer

Servus readers!

Last weekend I bought myself an old film camera on Ebay and thought it would be a great idea to capture my weekend in an old school way. In the morning I took my racing skis for some quick runs on the perfectly prepared slopes. After some carving turns it was time to rest and enjoy the beautiful view into the nova valley. On Sunday a storm came in and filled the Montafon with a fresh layer of snow. So it was time to change the racing skis for some wider freeride skis and enjoy some nice powder runs in the nova area.
Cheers Nico

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Servus, I'm Nico. I'm a 19 years old skier from Zurich, Switzerland. I first fell in love with Montafon back in 2002, when my parents decided to put me on skis, Since then it became my second home to escape from my everyday life. Back in Zurich, I am studying architecture. Beside designing houses, and working on my social media, I love to spend time in the outdoors. So I decided to connect those passions. I can be skiing in the backcountry while simultaneously creating content for social media and getting some inspiration and new ideas for the next generation of buildings. Later at home while my body needs to rest I am working out those ideas. In February of 2019 I started my own web series “Konstant Living” on Instagram, in which I document my journey. Come join my journey and let’s meet on the mountain.