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Too good to not just ride and enjoy

After the best December in years Frau Holle have closed the door to the secret chamber of powder. So while we are waiting for the next storm to hit, we can look back on one hell of a ride it was in December.


I was lucky enough to squeeze in some more days of skiing in Silvretta Montafon between Christmas and New Years. And once again perfect timing, for the Christmas presents came late this year with two storms and one day of blue bird in just four days.


We simply kept pushing the reset buttom, skiing from first gondola in the morning to last ride down in the afternoon. Lunch was homemade sandwiches eaten in the chairlift, and for one time, we didn’t stop to take any photos at all. A shame maybe, but it were simply too good to not just ride and enjoy.


Even though I caught a view moving images as seen beneath, funky and bumpy!


Until next time - cheers!

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Hi Guys, I'm Alexander. I'm a 30 years old freeskier from Copenhagen, Denmark. I first fell in love with Montafon back in 2008, and decided to spend a full winter in St. Gallenkirch in 2009/2010, which then became my second home. Since then I have spent several weeks every winter in Silvretta Montafon, skiing the Snowpark Montafon and exploring the backcountry of Hochjoch and Nova. Back in Copenhagen, I am publishing articles for the leading danish freeski portal, have been managing several snow projects in Denmark and work as a consultant in an advertising agency.