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Silbermond (Support: Lemo)

Die Band Silbermond
Schruns Hochjoch Bahn base station

A worldcup symphony

After almost one and a half decades in the music business, after more than 6 million records sold, hundreds of sell-out concerts, dozens of gold and platinum awards, after anthems such as "Durch die Nacht", "Symphonie", "Das Beste", "Irgendwas bleibt", "Leichtes Gepäck" and "B 96" and after so many years on the road and in the studio, what more can the public, and the band themselves, want? Perhaps simply for the journey to continue!

Stefanie Kloß: "To make music and then to bring it to the stage together – it means so much to us, it is what always has and always will drive us. The fact that things naturally also change and develop for us in our private lives changes nothing and, in all honesty, makes it more exciting and better."

Warming things up will be Lemo, who has been storming the Austrian charts since 2014 with hits such as "Vielleicht der Sommer", "Himmel über Wien" or "So wie du bist".

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€ 32.00