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Voucher - Introduction to archery

The grace and beauty of slowly stretching the bowstring, quietly drawing it back, deep in concentration and then the sudden momentum as you release your fingers and let the arrow fly through the air – all part of archery's attraction and appeal. The fame of figures such as Robin Hood and Katniss Everdeen at the Panem tributes has given rise to a real surge in popularity. So why not become an archer? On the training ground, you will learn the basic archery concepts, while our outdoor guides teach you how to handle a bow and arrow safely in our one-hour crash course.


• Time: daily from June 29th, to September 15th, 2019

• Meeting point: 11.00 am at the Hochjoch mountaineering center

• Program: introduction, collect bow and arrow, introduction to archery concepts, safety and technique

• Total duration: approx. 1 hour

• Number of participants: minimum of 3 people

• Please note: Exclusive bookings for groups of 10 or more on request


Reservations by 4:00 pm the day before at all opened cash desks, in the Alpin Sport Zentrale or via phone on +43 5557 6300.

* includes archery equipment; valid cableway ticket required

Tickets and prices

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