Game weeks

Takes place in summer 2022

Restaurant Kapellrestaurant

Takes place in summer 2022!

Zhe Kapellrestaurant will serve you a delightful and tender venison ragout using meat from our own hunts(!), together with lingonberries, home-made nut spaetzle and fine sauerkraut. When you lay eyes on our locally sourced saddle of venison, wrapped in savoy cabbage leaves and served on a bed of celery purée alongside glazed chestnuts and a truffle jus, you will realize that the fall season is just as colorful as it is delicious. During our game weeks, the menu will also include many other specialties from field and forest.

Contact & Arrival

Restaurant Kapellrestaurant
Bergstation Hochjoch Bahn
6780 Schruns
Hotline: +43 5557 6300