Montafon Totale Trail

General Terms and Conditions of Business and Terms of Use of Silvretta Montafon Holding GmbH ("SM") for the Montafon Totale Trail race 2021, on 6/12/2021, hereinafter abbreviated to "Montafon Totale Trail 2021"

  1. Conclusion of Contract: All participants must read through these General Terms and Conditions of Business and Terms of Use (T&Cs) prior to the start of the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021”. By signing, or accepting the T&Cs in the case of online registration, they confirm that they have taken note of and understood and are in agreement with the T&Cs. In the case of minors up until their 18th birthday, the legal representatives, legal guardians or accompanying adults must read through the T&Cs, discuss these with and impart the information contained therein to the minors before such minors may participate in the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021”. By signing, or accepting the T&Cs in the case of online registration, the legal guardian or accompanying adult confirms that the T&Cs have been read and understood and the information contained therein imparted to the underage visitors; they also confirm that they are acting as representative of the minor and are able to sign these T&Cs on the minor’s behalf.
  2. Risk notice: The “Montafon Totale Trail 2021” routes have been carefully selected by the race organizers and Silvretta Montafon Holding GmbH and are suitable only for people who have trained sufficiently for the competition, are physically healthy (in particular in terms of their cardiovascular system) and are familiar with and suitably equipped for the risks of the high alpine landscape (e.g. sinking temperatures, precipitation such as rain, hail, snowfall, ice, storms and fog, etc., danger of falling). Participation in the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021” involves typical high alpine risks. Failure to observe the safety rules and instructions as well as this advice may result in a danger of falling, injuries or death. Clothing and any items you bring with you may become dirty or damaged.

    Participation is at your own responsibility. However, irrespective of the competitive nature of this event, participants must always ensure that they look where they are going and move at an appropriate speed along the course; they must refrain from risky running and the competitive nature of the event must be sidelined urgently in the event of danger.
  3. Disclaimer: Participants are aware of the dangers of running in the mountains and therefore act at their own risk. As the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021” organizer, SM shall only be liable for personal injuries within the limits of the statutory provisions; SM shall only be liable for material damage and financial loss in the case of intent or gross negligence.
  4. Physical aptitude/equipment: The “Montafon Totale Trail 2021” is only suitable for participants who, due to their physical constitution and the equipment they use, are capable of completing the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021”.

    By signing, or accepting the T&Cs in the case of online registration, the participants declare that they have trained sufficiently to participate in this competition, that they are physically fit, that a doctor has confirmed their ability to participate in this competition in terms of their health, and that they are familiar with the risks associated with the high alpine landscape.

    By signing, or accepting the T&Cs in the case of online registration, the participants declare, furthermore, that their equipment is appropriate for the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021” high alpine race event. In terms of obligatory equipment, participants must have mountain or trail running shoes, a mobile phone, drinks bottles, an additional 1 l water container if participating in the “Montafon Totale Ultra” route, a rain jacket/warm clothing, a hat and gloves and a first aid blanket (this is also expressly recommended for the other distances).

    In case of doubt regarding physical aptitude/equipment, SM reserves the right to refuse to allow you to participate in “Montafon Totale Trail 2021” on the spot.
  5. Safety briefing: All participants must take part in a safety briefing prior to the start of the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021”.
  6. Duties to follow: The instructions of the race organizers, SM, their staff and the mountain guides must be obeyed. In the event of violations or infringements of instructions or safety orders given by the organizers, the mountain guides or their staff or of these T&Cs, the participants in question may be barred from the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021”; in such cases, SM, as the operator, shall accept no liability for damage or losses of any kind associated with this. Reimbursement of the participation fee shall be excluded.
  7. Dangerous items: When participating in the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021”, no items that constitute a danger to the runners themselves or to other people, such as visible jewelry, umbrellas, handbags, or pointed, sharp or fragile items etc. may be brought along.
  8. Payment: Payment may either be made online when registering or in the race office in the case of late registration.
  9. Photos: The organizers shall be permitted to publish photos of participants. Participants hereby consent to this.
  10. Illness: Participation in the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021” shall not be permitted in the case of illness, other mental or physical impairments or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.
  11. Cessation of services: The organizers of the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021” reserve the right to exclude people who do not adhere to these T&Cs from the race and, furthermore, to cease operation or individual services for security reasons or due to the weather (e.g. storm, thunderstorm, snow, ice, etc.) for the duration of such weather conditions or until the hazardous situation has been resolved. It is the responsibility of the participants to obtain information regarding the local conditions by telephone or on the internet in the case of dubious weather. Liability in the event that the “Montafon Totale Trail 2021” start time or the route layout are changed at short notice and due to weather conditions is expressly excluded. In this case, there shall be no claim for reimbursement of the entry fee.
  12. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction: The law of the Republic of Austria shall apply exclusively. The competent court for Schruns shall be exclusively competent in the case of all legal disputes.


(June 2020)