Snow groomer rides

The fascination of machine power

  • 12/26/ - 03/30/2019 | every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Freeride Center
  • guided

Feel like a little kid again at the wheel of a snow groomer! Enjoy the strength of the machine and the ease which it can be operated. Thanks to its tracked chassis, the snow groomer can even be used in soft snow and has powerful propulsion. The sense of effortlessly ascending and descending even steep slopes is truly unique. 



  • From Tuesday to Saturday, DEC 26, 2018, till MAR 30, 2019
  • Meet point: Freeride Center half an hour before the start of the session (12am, 1pm or 2pm)
  • Programme: independent ascent with Grasjoch cable car (approx. 15 minutes), approx. 10 minutes walk to meet the snow grommer's rider, ride snow groomer in parcours (approx. 45 minutes) with brief theoretical introduction
  • Required equipment: warm clothing, sturdy shoes (no ski boots)
  • Note: drivers must be at least 18 years old, only in good weather conditions, alcohol prohibited!
  • Vouchers: available at all payment desks and online


Price (2018/19)
Drive the snow groomer yourself: € 249.00*


Booking no later than 4 pm online or at any payment desk

*incl. ascent and descent on the cable car, Silvretta Montafon snow groomer licence and t-shirt

Contact & Arrival
  • Freeride Center 6791 St. Gallenkirch, AT
  • +43 5557 6300
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Voucher - Snow groomer rides

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