Spending the night in an igloo

Gazing at the stars while surrounded by snow 

Wrapped in your sleeping bag and snuggled up to your favourite person: Together, you’re enjoying your time on the warm cosy sheepskins in your snow cave. Your own igloo all to yourself – that’s the perfect way to spend the night under the sparkling starlit skies of Silvretta Montafon. Your tummies happy and full after a delicious cheese fondue at Valisera Hüsli …

When the sun sets behind the mountains and the dark of the night engulfs Vorarlberg, it’s time: Torch in hand, you embark on a romantic and adventurous hike up into the igloo village by the Schwarzköpfle Kiosk

Once you’ve reached the village, you’ll enjoy a nice cup of mulled wine by the campfire and heat up with a visit to the sauna. Afterwards, you lie down in an igloo or heated wooden hut to watch the stars. Maybe you’ll see Orion’s Belt up in Silvretta Montafon’s night sky? 

Time for an adventure in the snow

Full-on winter experience or igloo glamping 

Spending the night in an igloo is truly something special. Being at 2,000 metres above sea level surrounded by nothing but snow, ice and heavenly silence. An adventure night in an igloo isn’t an everyday occurrence and should definitely be on your “bucket list”. On the Schwarzköpfle in Silvretta Montafon, there are two options for a night in the igloo village: spending the night in a standard igloo with a sleeping bag or in a heated glamping igloo with regular bedding. 

Here’s what awaits you in a snow igloo: 

  • a private igloo 
  • sleeping bag and sheepskins

The following awaits you in a glamping igloo: 

  • a wood-panelled igloo with a window 
  • double bed and bedding

Future igloo testers can look forward to the following services: 

  • cable car ride with the Valisera cable car 
  • a torchlit hike to the igloo village 
  • mulled wine in the communal igloo or by the campfire under starlit skies 
  • relaxing in the sauna
  • spending the night in your igloo in the snow 
  • mountain breakfast in the Valisera Hüsli 
  • meeting point: 16:30 Valisera Hüsli (important: The last cable car up the mountain leaves at 15:45!) 
  • Duration: from approx. 15:45 until the next day around 10:00 

What you need for your igloo adventure …

Ready for your night in a real igloo? To get the full-on inuit experience without feeling cold, it’s important to keep the following things in mind: 

Tip 1 – thermal underwear and onion look: Layering up for the adventure – that should be your motto when it comes to suitable clothing for your igloo experience at 2,000 metres above sea level. Pro tip for igloo-newbies: Thermal underwear should be layer #1. Important: Make sure you’re wearing breathable clothes. This prevents heat from getting trapped and sweat can evaporate, which leaves you dry and cosy. 

Tip 2 – warm footwear: Boots with a thick sole aren’t just recommended for the torchlit hike. Besides having a lugged sole, your shoes should be water-repellent and lined with a warm material like fur or fleece. That’s how your feet stay warm and dry. 

Tip 3 – sleeping bag, gloves and a hat: A warm sleeping bag is highly recommended. If you don’t have one, you can rent one for EUR 10 in the village. A snug hat is essential in higher altitudes as well, because the head is where the most heat is lost in colder temperatures. 

Tip 4 – binoculars and a camera for the perfect vista: Do you have binoculars or a camera at home? Then you should definitely pack them in your rucksack. A starlit sky like the one above the mountains of Silvretta Montafon in 2,000 metres above sea level isn’t always that easy to come by. 

You can hardly wait for this unique mountain experience in Vorarlberg’s alpine setting? Well, hang on a moment! Silvretta Montafon has lots of other adventures in store for you, too …