Your mountain experience begins in the valley


The new Valisera cable car in St. Gallenkirch in Montafon, the world's first autonomously operated 10-seater gondola from Doppelmayr, started up on December 18, 2021. The Silvretta Park Montafon, which was built in parallel in just nine months, is much more than just its valley station: the multifunctional building complex is the new focal point of the ski area. In addition to a spacious market hall with regional gastronomy, a modern Intersport shop with depot and Test & Buy Center, a ski school center and the Revier Hotel, the largest e-charging garage in Vorarlberg with 600 parking spaces and 50 e-charging stations is a significant quality improvement clear sign and an important step into the future.

360° Silvretta Park Montafon

The area at a glance:
  • Terminal: modern, comfortable and eventful
  • Semi-autonomously operated 10-seater gondola lift
  • Largest e-charging garage in Vorarlberg
  • Barrier-free via escalator to the train access
  • Innovative ticket system & pick-up boxes
  • Market hall with regional gastronomy
  • Intersport Shop: with ski depot & Kästle test & buy center
  • Ski school: information, registration, guided mountain experiences
  • Encounter areas with a pleasant atmosphere
  • From summer 2022 Revier Hotel Montafon with public restaurant

Stay at the Silvretta Park Montafon

From June 2022 you will have the opportunity to spend the night and go on vacation in Austria's first Revier Hotel, right at the valley station of the mountain railway. The hotel has 107 rooms in different categories and in total 256 beds. A trendy Revier bar, casual dining with an open kitchen, co-working spaces, fully equipped & modular seminar rooms and a modern fitness room.
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Much more than a valley station


The new area around the Valisera cable is not a cable car station in the traditional sense. The Silvretta Park Montafon is a place with quality of stay, where guests, locals and employees meet. The mountain experience begins in the valley!

Comeback with a world novelty

Where the Valisera cable car wrote history 40 years ago the new building,awaits you now with another world novelty: The first autonomously operated 10-seater gondola lift (AURO) in Austria! With the new Valisera cable car, the D-Line from Doppelmayr, the Silvretta Montafon entered a new era of cable cars in December 2021. Here we go!

Valisera cable car 2.0

Forward-looking ropeway technology with maximum performance, reduced to the essentials, packaged in a modern design and unique architecture: this package makes every gondola ride a first-class experience.
  • Manufacturer: Doppelmayr
  • Gondolas with 10 seats
  • Maximum comfort
  • Seat heating
  • TWISTIN system (indoor ski holder)
  • Barrier-free entrances and exits
  • Travel speed up to 6.5 m/s
  • Innovation: autonomous rail operation (AURO)

The new middle station

That is convincing:
  • State-of-the-art technology guarantees the highest level of security
  • The system recognizes several situations at the same time
  • Perfect overview in the ROC (Ropeway Operation Center)
  • Increased ease of entry through additional cabin stabilization
  • AURO operating concept can be extended to several systems (only one ROC required)

Arrived at the top

The Valisera Bahn has intelligent and networked technology and impresses with its maximum level of safety. Cameras and sensors ensure that everything runs smoothly and monitor the system - especially when entering and exiting the cabins.

Vorarlberg's largest e-charging garage

New MOON Lounge at the Silvretta Park Montafon

The company MOON POWER GmbH develops charging solutions for the mobility of the future as well as energy concepts for companies. MOON's mission is to make electromobility an everyday occurrence. The minds behind MOON believe in the necessity of the Paris climate goals and therefore offer sustainable, intelligent and data-driven energy solutions. With the cooperation with MOON, the Silvretta Montafon would like to join this movement. That is why the underground car park in Silvretta Park Montafon offers 600 parking spaces as well as an exclusive MOON Lounge with 30 parking spaces including charging stations for electric vehicles. The parking ticket for one day in the MOON Lounge costs 20 euros - charging current is included. From the underground car park, you can go under the roof, in the dry, directly into the gondola and off to the mountains. You can book the ticket conveniently from home: either in the Silvretta Montafon online shop or the app.

With E to the mountains

From now on, more environmentally friendly into the Silvretta Montafon:
  • Book parking & lift tickets online
  • Arrive at Silvretta Park by e-car
  • Read the QR code at the barrier of the underground car park
  • Park in the exclusive MOON Lounge
  • Plug the e-car into the e-charging station and charge it
  • Get into the new gondola & off on the mountains!
Book your ticket for the e-parking online here!

Super charger at the mobility terminal

If charging has to be quick, e-car drivers will also find two quick charging stations at the mobility terminal at the Silvretta Park, where they can charge their vehicle within an hour without a parking ticket or prior registration.

Green Mountains Initiative

  • By taking small steps forward - such as e.g. the cooperation with MOON and the integration of the e-charging garage in a new cable car project - the Silvretta Montafon wants to take on more responsibility for the region and our home. The aim of the initiative is to anchor sustainable ways of thinking and attitudes in the company. The topic of e-mobility plays an essential role in this. Because the journey is and will remain the largest item in the CO2 balance of a ski holiday. Another measure in the course of the new construction of the Valisera cable car was the installation of photovoltaic systems at the valley and mountain stations. The electricity generated by the photovoltaic systems can be used directly for rail operations. The rest is green electricity.

The market hall at the Silvretta Park Montafon

In the spacious market hall there is something for every taste at the different stations. Before you take the cable car up the mountain, you can strengthen yourself with a sandwich and a coffee - the snacks are on request also available as a mountain snack to take away. When you come back down to the valley after your day on the slopes and in the fresh air, you will find e.g. spare ribs, alpine kebab and pizza.

Austria's best Foodtruck

A bit of street food vibe, two chefs with character and a pinch of good sound. The 11-series pleasure bus won the official title of “Austria's best food truck” - and rightly so. See for yourself: It's still parking in the market hall all winter. The alpine doner is available in all variations, one more delicious than the other, for meat tigers, vegetarians and vegans. Because the #roastylove goes through every stomach.

Pizza, alpine doner and spare ribs

After a day in the fresh air, your legs are tired and your stomach growls. Everyone can get whatever they want at the various food stations in the market hall. With well-filled plates and great anticipation, everyone comes back to eat and make themselves comfortable in the middle at high tables or armchairs, on wood or sheepskin.