Outdoor Guideline

Summer Edition

Connected with the mountains! 

Ten simple points on how to treat our mountains and all the creatures who live there with respect.

Because our home, the mountains, are close to our hearts and we want them to remain intact.

#1: We stay on the paths and trails

Do you enjoy the Montafon's plant and animal diversity as much as we do? Help us preserve it by hiking and biking only on marked trails.


#2 We treat each other with respect

We all love the Montafon mountain landscape and the many different ways to explore it. As bikers, we show consideration for hikers, always ride at a controlled speed and at half speed. Considerate interaction between bikers and hikers is essential so that we can all enjoy nature to the full.

#3 We plan our tour in advance and inform ourselves about current conditions and weather conditions

The Montafon offers countless opportunities for everyone to go on a discovery tour. Planning your tour not only makes your day easier in terms of weather and other current conditions. In addition, find out about legal game rest zones, feeding places and restricted hunting and forestry areas.

Further information:

#4 We cross the Alps considerately

When crossing an alp, we close the cattle fences behind us and observe the rules of conduct towards mother cows and guard dogs. Because: Here we are guests!


#5 We admire wildlife from a distance and avoid noise

We all enjoy our homely wild animals. They need their rest, especially at dusk and dawn. Binoculars are a great way to observe wildlife without disturbing it.

#6 We light fires only in marked fireplaces

Fires may only be lit at marked fireplaces.

#7 We only spend the night outdoors where it is allowed

Spending the night outdoors always has its appeal, especially in the Alpine region. However, this also has a great impact on nature and wildlife, because the mountains are their habitat.

When you go alpine camping with a guide, you can enjoy the great outdoors with a clear conscience.

#8 We leave no waste behind

Together with PIZ Montafon & PATRON, we have launched the CleanUP Days in Montafon. The CleanUP Days are intended to establish themselves as a recurring and lively event in the Montafon, where tourists, locals and day visitors of all ages lend a hand. We want to create a visionary event where locals and their guests together set an example for gentle and sustainable Alpine tourism!


#9 We support regional and local hospitality businesses

We buy our snacks locally, stay overnight in hotels and stop in local restaurants. In this way we support local businesses and get to know regional specialities and locals.

#10 We travel by public transport whenever we can

Whenever possible, we travel by public transport. Travelling to and from the hotel by car is a heavy burden on the environment and the main cause of CO2 emissions during your winter or summer holiday! For a pleasant and environmentally friendly journey, we focus on the expansion of arrival and departure options and offers.

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