Outdoor Guideline

Summer Edition

Connected with the mountains! 

Ten simple points on how to treat our mountains and all the creatures who live there with respect.

Because our home, the mountains, are close to our hearts and we want them to remain intact.

#1 We plan our tour in advance and find out about local conditions

Find out about legal wildlife rest areas, feeding sites and hunting & forestry restricted areas.

#2 We keep ourselves informed about the current avalanche and weather situation on site

You can always find up-to-date information on the current snow and avalanche situation on our website.

Click here for the current snow report.

#3 We "respect our boundaries"

We do not drive through young forest areas and areas with trees under 3 meters. The "Respect your limits" signs mark a particularly sensitive area. The protection of young forest areas makes an important contribution to avalanche and landslide protection. This ensures new forestation and reforestation.

#4 We respect and avoid wildlife rest areas, restricted hunting areas and nature reserves

Wildlife rest areas and restricted hunting areas are specially marked with green signs. In these sensitive zones, there is a general ban on hiking. Tours may therefore only be undertaken along designated roads and paths.

#5 We choose suitable tours and prepare them well

We only choose tours that suit our ability and stamina. We also have the necessary equipment. Local ski and mountain guides will be happy to help you make unforgettable memories.

#6 We leave no waste behind

Together with PIZ Montafon & PATRON, we have launched the CleanUP Days in Montafon. The CleanUP Days are intended to establish themselves as a recurring and lively event in the Montafon, where tourists, locals and day visitors of all ages lend a hand. We want to create a visionary event where locals and their guests together set an example for gentle and sustainable Alpine tourism!


#7 We support regional and local hospitality businesses

We buy our snacks locally, stay overnight in hotels and stop in local restaurants. In this way we support local businesses and get to know regional specialities and locals.

#8 We travel by public transport whenever we can

Whenever possible, we travel by public transport. Travelling to and from the hotel by car is a heavy burden on the environment and the main cause of CO2 emissions during your winter or summer holiday! For a pleasant and environmentally friendly journey, we focus on the expansion of arrival and departure options and offers.

Click here for our travel tips.