Connected with our homeland

We want to provide our guests with the best possible quality. For this reason, we rely on fresh, local products and try to support producers and farmers from the region. At the same time, this allows us to bring our guests closer to the culture and customs of the Montafon.

Meat products

We maintain an intensive cooperation with local farmers. For example, we buy cattle from Montafon farmers every year and have them delivered to us - like many other meat products - via the Salzgeber butchery in Tschagguns. Sourcing meat regionally saves hundreds of kilograms of CO2 compared to buying from wholesalers.

Dairy products

Since regional sourcing is very important to us, we buy cheese at the surrounding Zamang, Kapell and Nova alps. We buy more cheese as well as other dairy products (with the exception of UHT milk and coffee cream) from the Vorarlberg Milch cooperative in Feldkirch, which works exclusively with Vorarlberg farms.

Thirst quencher from the region

The beer from the Fohrenburger brewery in Bludenz, the coffee from the Vorarlberg company Amann Kaffee and the most important thing: fresh spring water - directly from the Montafon mountains. Invigorating. Natural. Genuine.

Centrepiece: Alpine Sport Headquarters

One house...
Ecological and robust building materials - both inside and out - guarantee a long service life and also contribute to sustainability.

Quarry stone, concrete and wood from the region not only ensure comfort. Their sensual quality is also accompanied by measurable criteria such as pollutant-free indoor air and an excellent ecological balance. On the office floors, the natural wood floors with the floor-to-ceiling solid wood furniture make for a homely, parlour-like working atmosphere.