Responsibility for our homeland


Our home, the mountains, is important to us. Nature is a precious commodity, we want to use it responsibly and consciously.

As the largest ski and mountain sports area in the Montafon, we are aware of our responsibility and set ourselves new goals in dealing with our mountains and our homeland.

Skiing is not necessarily perceived as a sustainable sport. Here we have to distinguish between the winter sport itself and the infrastructure required for it. But of course, it doesn't work without them. With the Green Mountains Initiative, we try to act as responsibly as it is possible for a ski area and to design the framework conditions as natural as possible. In order to protect our home and the environment, we always come up with new campaigns. We are still at the beginning and of course there is still a lot to do! But together with your support we will definitely manage to make the Silvretta Montafon more and more sustainable in small steps. If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can change, then write to us!


With the "Green Mountains" initiative we will:


  • Position mind and attutude through sustainable ways of thinking and acting
  • Sensitize our own awareness and that of our fellow human beings
  • Take on more responsibility for our homeland by taking small steps forward
  • Anchor a sustainable approach to the environment in the company in the long term and to a greater extent


Our goals

Silvretta Montafon
  • Responsible treatment of flora and fauna
  • Expansion of the use of sustainable energy sources
  • Cleanest ski area and waste minimization
  • Increased focus on regionality
  • Increase energy efficiency in the ski area
  • Anchoring sustainability in the long-term corporate strategy

Our fields of action

To implement our goals, we focus on climate, natural space and habitat.








We have recognised the urgency of the energy transition and want to contribute. We are taking the first steps towards climate-friendly electricity supply and energy generation. 

We use clean electricity from the valley, have had our sports hotel certified as climate neutral, are connected by pulic transport, equipped with e-charging stations, invest in renewable energies and much more. 


Natura 2000


Naturefriendly mountainsport


Nature. Mountains. Retreat.

Our guests and also we prefer to spend our free time in the mountains. Nature in the mountains gives us peace, relaxation, amazing views and above all an unforgettable time. However, we must not forget our flora and fauna. What is a recreation for us can be a great challenge for the flora and fauna. For this reason, the initiative "Nature-compatible mountain sports in the Montafon" was launched - to protect precisely this retreat for humans and animals.

Part of the Silvretta Montafon lies within Natura 2000 - a Europe-wide network of protected areas of pan-European significance whose aim is to protect and preserve valuable species and habitats far beyond national borders. 






For our home! 
The Montafon and the people living in the valley are especially close to our hearts. That is why we do our best to strengthen the cooperation with the Montafon farms, to offer the animals a good home and to offer the local population great experiences. 

We maintain an intensive cooperation with the local farms. For example, we buy cattle from Montafon farms every year and have them delivered to us - like many other meat products - via the Salzgeber butchery in Tschagguns. 

We strive to create a good work-life balance for our employees. Since 2021, we have had the SiMotel in Silvretta Park, which is equipped with micro-apartments. We are currently in the process of implementing the new employee house "SiMotel Zamang" in Schruns. We also launched the Gagla Club in 2022. This offers all-day care for children between the ages of three and ten on weekends and during holiday periods.

Our partners

Together with our partners, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and actively work to promote sustainable practices. Their efforts ensure that the beauty of the mountains is preserved for future generations and that guests can enjoy an unforgettable, environmentally friendly experience.