Sustainable travel tips

You want to travel to the Silvretta Montafon in a climate-friendly way and keep your CO2 emissions as low as possible? Here you can find our 5 tips for a sustainable journey!

Tip #1: Travel by train, direct connection Lindau - Schruns

Sit comfortably on the train, lean back and look forward to your day of skiing! The direct connection from Lindau to Schruns allows you to travel quickly and without any stress, without any waiting times. Arrived at the train station in Schruns, it is only a few minutes' walk to the Hochjoch Bahn. Or you can take the ski bus, which takes you (with ski equipment) to all Montafon ski areas free of charge. You can find information about this under tip #4!

Click here for the ÖBB route planner!

Tip #2: Join together to carpools

If by car, then together! Join our Facebook group Fahrgemeinschaft @ Silvretta Montafon and benefit from many advantages: You get to know new people, it's much more fun and entertaining and you can exchange tips and experiences about the ski area while driving. In addition, it is more ecological, the search for a parking space is done quickly and on top of that you save money!

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Tip #3: Journey by e-car

Arriving and departing by car is a heavy burden on the environment and the main cause of CO2 emissions during your winter or summer vacation!  Travel more environmentally friendly by e-car and park in the exclusive MOON Lounge, which is located in the underground car park of Silvretta Park Montafon in St. Gallenkirch.

Book your e-parking ticket online now!


Tip #4: Use the free ski bus in the valley

If you've already stayed overnight in the Montafon, then the local ski bus will ensure a totally relaxed start to the day's skiing! No searching for a parking space, no tedious putting on and taking off your ski equipment at the parking lot, comfortable, reliable and better for the environment!

You can find the Montafon winter timetable here.

Tip #5: Be first on the slopes

The sunrise rides in the Silvretta Montafon are definitely worth getting up early for! The lifts start operating three times a week earlier: every Wednesday the Grasjoch cable car at 7.30 a.m. at the HochjochTotale, every Friday the Versettla cable car at 7.30 a.m. at the Nova Exclusiv and every Saturday the Zamang cable car from 8.00 a.m. at the Vorarlberg Early Morning Sport. So you have free rides early in the morning – on the road and on the slopes!



We hope we were able to give you an impetus with our 5 tips to think about alternative and more efficient travel options and wish you even more fun and enjoyment on the slopes! If you can think of more tips and tricks on the subject, then write us, we look forward to your input. Click here to go back to the Green Mountains overview.