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Eine Familie spielt an den Kugelbahnen in der Alpenwelt Nova in der Silvretta Montafon. | © Silvretta Montafon - Stefan Kothner Eine Familie spielt an den Kugelbahnen in der Alpenwelt Nova in der Silvretta Montafon. | © Silvretta Montafon - Stefan Kothner
Learn & be amazed!

Regionality brought to life at Nova Alpine World

Fresh milk, flavourful cheese, soft wool and aromatic herbs: In the Nova region, you can explore a world of regional products and traditional rural crafts. Fun and games add an extra layer of joy to the experience.

Educational adventure stations at Nova Alpine World

At the themed stations of Nova Alpine World, family members of all ages can delve into the production of regional products. Through playful activities, visitors learn more about cows and sheep, the diverse plant life on alpine pastures and the rich culture of the Montafon region.

The world of cows

The cow-themed stations give you an insight into life with animals. There’s plenty to do for little farmers at the shaded sand playground: They can milk the wooden cow, lift the milk churns and turn the butter churn. After work comes play: How about making music with cowbells, playing a game of memory with milk churns or bowling with milk bottles? A creative cow farming experience!

Sheep-themed fun

Discover the wonders of the Montafon stone sheep at the marble runs dedicated to these woolly grazing animals. You’ll learn how the wool is obtained and explore other intriguing topics. For a unique experience, you can even ride the wobbly sheep at Nova Alpine World!

Flowers, bees and mountains

The flora in the mountains is different to that at home in the garden. In the interactive flower field, children can find out which plants grow on site and how important bees are up here. Right next to it, there are herb snails with various Alpine herbs to smell and touch. Attentive young biologists will later rediscover these herbs on their plates during a visit to Nova Stoba.

Vier Barga themed trail

The Montafon is a rich cultural landscape that deserves to be explored and preserved. That’s why the Vier Barga themed trail features information boards and engaging play opportunities relating to the region. How does 3-step farming work? What does the “alpine calendar” look like – what happens on the pastures throughout the year? And how was hay processed and transported in the past? Immerse yourself in the unique heritage of the region!

Digital tour

Impressions from Nova Alpine World

Vier Kinder an den Wellenpumpen am Naturkräftepfad am Erlebnisberg Hochjoch in der Silvretta Montafon. | © Silvretta Montafon - Stefan Kothner
Motor skills course, slacklines and more

Activity area & adventure space: Hochjoch Adventure Mountain

On Hochjoch Adventure Mountain, visitors of all ages can try their hand at various fun and challenging activities.