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Drei Personen wandern Richtign Herzsee im Sommer am Hochjoch in der Silvretta Montafon. | © Silvretta Montafon - Stefan Kothner Drei Personen wandern Richtign Herzsee im Sommer am Hochjoch in der Silvretta Montafon. | © Silvretta Montafon - Stefan Kothner
A spectacular mountain world

Hiking in Silvretta Montafon

As you stand in the valley, your eyes will be magically drawn to the enchanting peaks of Silvretta Montafon. The majestic rock formations of the Silvretta, Rätikon and Verwall mountain ranges tower impressively in the sunlight. Can you feel the anticipation? Go ahead and embark on an unforgettable hiking adventure in Silvretta Montafon!

Summit conquests in Vorarlberg

Explore Silvretta Montafon on hiking trails

“The early bird catches the worm” is your motto? Hop on a cable car in the morning, inhale the fresh mountain air and embrace the serenity! Late risers can start their adventure at midday and enjoy a sundowner at 2,000 metres. The best part: You’ll witness a magnificent sunset like never before! Or why not experience both during an extended hike in Silvretta Montafon?

Whether you seek relaxation, adventure or an intense physical challenge: Silvretta Montafon has the ideal trail and backdrop for every type of hiker.

Die Natur an einem Bergsee auf 2.000 Metern Seehöhe am Hochjoch in der Silvretta Montafon. | © Silvretta Montafon - Vanessa Strauch
Always find your way around

Interactive hiking map of Silvretta Montafon

Explore the interactive hiking map to discover the best routes and keep track of essential infrastructure, including cable cars, lifts and mountain restaurants in Silvretta Montafon.
Alpine dreams

Get your ticket for adventures in the Montafon mountains!

Die Hochjoch Bahn der Silvretta Montafon schwebt in die Bergstation mit schönen Blumen im Vordergrund | © Silvretta Montafon - Friederike Weber
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From leisurely tours to summit conquests

The 10 most beautiful hiking routes in Silvretta Montafon

Whether you prefer a leisurely tour from hut to hut, a hike lasting several hours or a challenging summit conquest: Nature enthusiasts exploring Gaschurn, Hochjoch and beyond will discover the perfect route to match their mood. Explore the ten most beautiful hiking routes and plan your days in the mountains!

Hike, learn, play

Family hiking routes in Vorarlberg

Your backpack is filled with delicious snacks, your hiking boots are securely laced up, and everyone is in good spirits? Fantastic! A day of hiking with the entire family awaits! Family-friendly hiking trails, some even suitable for pushchairs, ensure delightful adventures for family members of all ages.

Our tip: The family hiking trails are conveniently located near the Silvretta Montafon Adventure Worlds, offering a unique blend of athletic adventure, varied fun and educational discoveries at engaging interactive stations.

Soaring to new heights in the mountains of Silvretta Montafon

Relax and enjoy the scenic views as the cable cars and lifts in Silvretta Montafon take you to the mountain peaks. Upon reaching the summit, a network of diverse hiking trails unfolds, inviting you to embark on your next adventure.

A natural mosaic

Hiking in the Alpenmosaik Montafon

The dynamic valley, the serene Verwall, the thrilling Silvretta and the abundant Rätikon: The natural mosaic of the Montafon impresses visitors with diverse themed trails, scenic valley routes and challenging mountain tours. Discover the Alpenmosaik Montafon in all its facets!

For insiders

BergePLUS: guided hiking experiences in the Montafon mountains

Accompanied by experienced hiking guides, you can delve deeper into the secrets and beauty of the Montafon region. After all, no one knows this stunning area better than the local experts. Book the most captivating guided hiking tours online now!

Culinary highlights:

Mountain huts in Silvretta Montafon

When exploring the mountains of Silvretta Montafon, you’re guaranteed to come across several of the charming local mountain huts, serving a blend of Montafon and international delicacies. Whether it’s for pre-hike refreshments, a midday break or a delightful conclusion to a day of hiking: A visit to one of these huts is an absolute must on every tour!

Thirsty for knowledge?

More than just hiking: unique mountain experiences in Silvretta Montafon

The mountains of Silvretta Montafon are not only a hiking paradise but also offer a plethora of unforgettable activities that allow you to explore the region from unique viewpoints. Whether you’re into sports, relaxation, culinary delights or adventure: Discover the diverse range of leisure activities now!

Other mountain adventures in Silvretta Montafon