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Die abgesteckte Rennstrecke in de rRace Area in der Silvretta Montafon. | © Silvretta Montafon - Vanessa Strauch Die abgesteckte Rennstrecke in de rRace Area in der Silvretta Montafon. | © Silvretta Montafon - Vanessa Strauch
3, 2, 1 – go!

Race area in Silvretta Montafon

Picture this: The countdown is ticking, and you gaze in anticipation at the slope before you. You’re ready to zoom down at full speed and with unwavering confidence – a moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting. Your performance becomes official as the speed display at the finish line captures it, and you can log your best times conveniently in the SiMo app.

Become a star

Swoosh down the parallel slalom course

At the race area in Silvretta Montafon, you can experience the thrill of skiing like a World Cup star on the parallel slalom course. Get ready at the starting line, mentally map out the course for a moment, and then dive in between the red and blue gates. Crouch down low to pick up some speed – and then celebrate with pride as your new personal best time appears on the screen.

Like a whistling arrow

Speed course at the race area in Silvretta Montafon

Like Speedy Gonzales on skis – that’s how you’ll feel on the speed course in the race area. Thanks to precise speed measurements, you can compare your performance with that of friends and family after each descent. Then, celebrate the winner during a cosy break at a mountain hut!

Tricks & speed

Race cross: Hurl yourself down the wave run!

The “race cross” run offers another thrilling high-speed descent. With its natural waves and sharp bends, it resembles a freestyle descent. You can master the wave run at great speed and try your hand at daring jumps. Your performance will be meticulously recorded, allowing you to compare it with others afterwards.

Digital evidence

The SiMo app as your digital coach

If you want to relive your fantastic skiing performances time and again, be sure to check out the SiMo app! You’ll discover the finest snapshots of your descents as souvenir photos. Plus, with video recordings, you can review your performance and work on enhancing your technique.

News & updates

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