Grasjoch Hütte

Everything nodule, or what?
08.00 bis 16.00 o'clock
Grasjoch Hütte
Austrian cuisine

In the Grasjoch Hütte, everything revolves around the potato.

Erdapfel, Knolle, Grundbirne, Erdpfelne, Herdapfel, Grumbeere, Tuften, Tuffeln, Bramburi, Tartuffel, Patata even called strawberry: So many expressions for one and the same fruit? Exactly - and there are probably many more names for this exceptionally good-tasting tuber, which is an important part of our diet around the world.


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Contact & Arrival

Grasjoch cable car summit station
6791 St. Gallenkirch
Hotline: +43 5557 6300