Grasjoch Hütte

Everything nodule, or what?
Open again in winter 2022/23!
Grasjoch Hütte
Austrian cuisine

In the Grasjoch Hütte, everything revolves around the potato.

Erdapfel, Knolle, Grundbirne, Erdpfelne, Herdapfel, Grumbeere, Tuften, Tuffeln, Bramburi, Tartuffel, Patata even called strawberry: So many expressions for one and the same fruit? Exactly - and there are probably many more names for this exceptionally good-tasting tuber, which is an important part of our diet around the world.


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Contact & Arrival

Grasjoch cable car summit station
6791 St. Gallenkirch
Hotline: +43 5557 6300