Open facilities

Here you can find real-time information about open facilities.

Please inform yourself the day before from 5 p.m. onwards which lift offer awaits you the following day.

Current Information

UPDATE regarding our valley runs: Our three valley runs are open! Thus from now on you may ski down on the slope 60c  to Gaschurn and also via the ski routes R1d  and R1e to Schruns and Silbertal, depending on the actual operating times of the feeder lifts.

Vallüla Lift in Gaschurn operates MON to FRI from 1:00 to 3:30 pm as well as SAT and SUN from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

As of: Friday, 05. March 2021 at 21:10 Time
Location Cable cars & lifts Current status
Silbertal Kapell Bahn Closed
Schruns Hochjoch Bahn I Closed
Hochjoch Bahn II Closed
Sennigrat Bahn I Closed
Sennigrat Bahn II Closed
Zamang Bahn Open
Panorama Bahn Open
Seebliga Bahn Open
Kropfen Bahn Open
Förderband Kapell Closed
Kapell Lift Open
Jägerlift Closed
St. Gallenkirch Grasjoch Bahn Closed
Hochalpila Bahn Open
Freda Bahn Closed
Platina Lift Closed
Valisera Bahn I Closed
Valisera Bahn II Closed
Jöchle Bahn Closed
Sonnen Bahn Closed
Heimspitz Bahn Closed
Madrisella Bahn Open
Schwarzköpfle Bahn Closed
Rinderhütten Bahn Closed
Grandau Bahn Closed
Vermiel Bahn Closed
Garfrescha Bahn I Closed
Silvretta Bahn Open
Förderband Valisera Closed
Gaschurn Versettla Bahn I Open
Versettla Bahn II Open
Spatla Bahn Closed
Burg Lift Closed
Nova Bahn Open
Vallüla Lift Open
Lifinar Lift Closed
Route Current status
Nachtrodelbahn Garfrescha Closed
Rodelbahn Kapell Closed
Wanderweg Älpli Closed
Wanderweg Gantekopf Closed
Wanderweg Grasjoch Closed
Wanderweg Vier Barga Closed
Piste Level Piste status
10 Easy Open
11 Moderate Open
12 Easy Closed
13 Easy Closed
1a Easy Open
1b Easy Open
1c Easy Open
1e Talabfahrt Silbertal Easy Closed
2a Difficult Open
2b Moderate Open
3 Black Scorpion Difficult Closed
4 Moderate Closed
5 Black Scorpion Difficult Closed
6 Easy Open
8 Moderate Closed
9 Easy Open
R1 Difficult Open
R11 Moderate Closed
R13 Moderate Closed
R19 Moderate Closed
R1d Talabfahrt Schruns Moderate Closed
R2 Difficult Closed
R3 Difficult Closed
R4 Difficult Closed
R5 Difficult Closed
Snowpark Closed
20a Easy Closed
20a Difficult Closed
20b Easy Closed
20c Easy Closed
20c Moderate Closed
20d Talabfahrt St. Gallenkirch Easy Closed
20e Talabfahrt Valisera Easy Closed
20f Talabfahrt Garfrescha Easy Closed
21 Moderate Closed
21 Easy Closed
23 Moderate Closed
24 Easy Open
25 Difficult Closed
26 Easy Closed
27 Moderate Closed
28 Easy Closed
29 Moderate Closed
30 Easy Closed
31 Moderate Closed
33 Moderate Closed
34 Moderate Closed
35 Difficult Closed
36 Moderate Closed
40 Easy Open
40 Moderate Open
41 Moderate Open
42 Moderate Open
43 Moderate Open
44 Black Scorpion Difficult Closed
45 Easy Open
50 Easy Open
51 Easy Open
53 Moderate Closed
54 Black Scorpion Difficult Open
55 Black Scorpion Difficult Open
60a Easy Open
60b Moderate Open
60c Talabfahrt Gaschurn Moderate Open
61 Moderate Closed
62 Easy Open
63 Easy Closed
64 Moderate Closed
65 Difficult Open
70 Easy Closed
71 Easy Closed
R20 Difficult Closed
R21 Difficult Closed
R22 Difficult Closed
R23 Difficult Closed
R25 Difficult Closed
R43 Moderate Closed
R44 Difficult Open
R45 Moderate Closed
R46 Difficult Closed
R53 Moderate Open
R55 Difficult Closed
R60 Difficult Closed
R60b Moderate Closed
R66 Moderate Closed
Route Current status
Rennstrecke Spatla Closed
Snowpark Closed
Freeridecross Closed