Silvretta Montafon makes any athlete’s heart beat faster

A winter made for freeriders and early risers.
Wednesday, 07 October 2015

A fascinating alpine panorama, scenic mountains galore, certainty of snow, a perfect infrastructure
– this is what the Silvretta Montafon region offers its guests. At this place winter sports is truly lived.
Fans of deep snow appreciate the ski resort for a long time. Early risers can enjoy solitary pistes on
the Sunrise Runs and the ‘Ländle Früah Sport’ mountain experience. All of this is topped off by the
new Panorama Bahn cableway that takes the guests up to the Grasjoch and right into the middle of
a fun-filled winter sojourn.

Winter athletes will find superbly marked ski routes and more than 70 other freeride tours offering perfect
deep snow fun to both beginners and pros in Silvretta Montafon. In addition, the Freeride Centre at the
Grasjoch, the LVS checkpoints and the LVS test and practice field provide a perfect infrastructure. Becuase
of these excellent conditions the ski resort has been a hot spot for freeriders for many years, as well as an
award winner of the ‘Tourist Innovation Vorarlberg’ competition with its ‘Freeride Hotspot Silvretta Montafon’

Pros hit the freeride routes
From 06 to 08 March 2015 the pros competing in the Open Faces Freeride Contest will be meeting in Silvretta
Montafon. The whole event is centred on spectacular jumps and beautiful deep snow turns on challenging
terrain. After all, the contenders are aiming to qualify for the Freeride World Tour. But those who’d
like to do more than just watch will find the resort to be a true powder paradise with untouched and easy
to reach deep snow slopes, challenging couloirs or breath-taking downhill runs from the summit. Silvretta
Montafon offers everything a freeride enthusiast is looking for. For back-country aficionados attractive programmes
featuring any level of difficulty are being offered from Monday to Sunday. Beginners will find with
the ‘Freeride Safety Check’ the perfect programme for them on Mondays and Wednesdays, as it teaches
the basics for having undiluted fun: from explanations of the avalanche devices to their practical use, from
learning about snow profiles to exploring various freeride routes. Seasoned riders can discover the tours on
the ‘Freeride Adventure Day’ or during ‘Freeride Expert’ training sessions.

The new Panorama Bahn cableway: fast and comfortable
No matter how high the sporting ambition may be, comfort is also part of the programme for winter sports
enthusiasts. The new Panorama Bahn cableway shortens the ride from the Kapell up to the Grasjoch from
the previous 40 to a mere 8 minutes. During the ride passengers can enjoy a beautiful view from ultra-modern
and comfy cabins. This already maks the start of the skiing day a unique experience.
At the top at 2,400 metres a view of some 200 summits welcomes the guests. 37 lift facilities and 140 perfectly
prepared piste kilometres prove yet again why Silvretta Montafon is acclaimed as the sportiest ski

A different type of early morning workout
Those who prefer tranquillity and solitude can enjoy the mountain world in a unique way, for instance on the
Sunrise Runs. In the ‘Nova Exclusive’ experience guests can explore freshly prepared pistes and untouched
deep snow slopes every Friday, before the ski resort opens and when the day’s first sunrays hit the snow. Afterwards
the guests are treated to a mountain breakfast at the Nova Stoba. Every Wednesday and Thursday
features particularly sporty action. That is when guests can prove their prowess on the ‘HochjochTotale’, the
longest downhill run in Vorarlberg, or enjoy the thrill of speed on the 36-kilometre ‘Montafon Totale’. In addition,
the ‘Ländle Früah Sport’ mountain experience is held every Saturday. Specially tailored to the needs of
the sporty early riser, the Zamang Bahn cableway starts to operate as early as 7.30 a.m. and the Panorama
Bahn cableway at 7.45 a.m. The early-bird athletes won’t have to skip breakfast either as culinary breaks
from skiing can be taken at the Kapellrestaurant starting at 8.30 a.m.

Collecting piste kilometres and miles
For those who’ve been dying to collect miles for skiing Silvretta Montafon is now the place to go as well. The
ski resort is a new partner of the ‘Miles & More’ programme. In addition to Kitzbühel and Sölden, Silvretta
Montafon now offers its visitors the option of redeeming miles in the form of ski passes. Of course this also
works the other way around: when purchasing a ski pass in the southernmost valley of Vorarlberg winter
athletes will have miles credited to their account.

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