Where can I find the current routes?

The current routes can be found here:


Where can I register for the Montafon Totale Trail?

Click here to register.


At what time does the distribution of start numbers take place?

Friday: 4:00pm to 7:00pm, Alpin Sport Zentrale, Schruns

Saturday: 5:15am, Alpin Sport Zentrale, Schruns

Saturday: 9:30am to 10:30am, Valisera cable car valley station, St. Gallenkirch

A short briefing will take place after the distribution of numbers. 


Where are the different catering points?

The refreshment points are marked on the maps. There are eight stations located along the route. You can find the detailled supply stations here.


Can I switch between routes?

There is an option to switch from the Montafon Totale Ultra to the Montafon Totale Trail. You can do this at the Garfrescha catering point. Please use this option fairly.


Are there cut-off times?

Yes, there are cut-off times:

Montafon Totale Ultra (47 KM) & Trail (33 KM):

Catering point Grasjoch Hütte (ca. KM 17): 1 pm

Catering point Valisera cable car valley station (ca. KM 25): 3 pm


Montafon Totale Ultra (47 KM)

Catering point Garfrescha (ca. KM 29): 2 pm (After this, runners will be sent to the Montafon Totale Trail route. These runners will automatically be judged in the Montafon Totale Trail)

Catering point Nova Stoba (ca. KM 33): 3:30 pm


The end time for the Montafon Totale Trail, Ultra and mountain run is 07:00 p.m. at Nova Stoba.


Is there any obligatory equipment?

You can find all infos about obligatory equipment here.

Checkpoint-card: The participants of the Ultra & Trail get their checkpoint-card at the race number distribution. It is madatory to carry the checkpoint-card with you and show them at the 7 checkpoints.


Are poles allowed and are they recommended?

Poles are allowed and recommended. If you use poles, you must carry these with you for the entire race.


Is there any transport option for the participants to get from Versettla cable car valley station back to Schruns?

After taking the Versettla cable car back to the valley, you may take a bus back to Schruns. The bus stop is right in front of the cable car station. Showing your race number of the Ultra or Trail Run, the transport to Schruns is free of charge for you.


Is the descent on the Versettla cable car included for participants?

Yes, the descent is included. You will find the tickets in your starter pack.


Is there a luggage transport to Nova Stoba?

Yes, you can deposit your luggage at Kirchplatz in Schruns and at the Valisera cable car valley station and we will transport it to Nova Stoba.


Will we receive any emergency telephone numbers?

You will find the phone numbers for the rescue center and the race organizers on the back of your number.

In addition, each course marshal is linked to the rescue center by radio.


Are there sufficient race posts?

Yes, we have several race posts distributed along the route. These are all connected to the rescue center by radio.


Are there paramedics/mountain rescuers on the route?

Yes, along with the course marshals, we will also provide several mountain rescuers and paramedics.


When does the prize ceremony take place?

Depending on the progress of the race. The ceremony of the mountain run though will take place around 1:30pm.

Starting times of the other ceremonies depend on the arrival times of runners in respective categories.


Is it possible to terminate the race?

Yes. There are enough course marshals along the course, so you can quit the race at any time.


Are dogs allowed?

No, dogs are not allowed.


Are there any camp sites?

There are several camp sites nearby. Please contact the local tourism organisation (Montafon Tourism Office) for further information.


Are there enough parking opportunities?

There is enough parking close the the elementary school and Hochjoch cable car valley station in Schruns and around Valisera and Versettla cable car valley station in St. Gallenkirch and Gaschurn


Is there any possibility to shower in the finish area?

Yes. All runners have the possibility to take a shower at Nova Stoba. Thus you can pack everything you need for showering and changing clothes in the bag you send to Nova Stoba via luggage transportation.