Alpine BBQ

Meat specialities on over 2.000 meters

  • relaxed, culinary

This makes the heart of the grill beat faster. On over 2.000 meters meat and fish plus baked potatoes and grilled vegetables sizzles on the hot coal. The chef of the Nova Stoba, Kurt Woltsche, is the man with the barbeque tongs. With those he creates culinary grill delectations and definitely doesn't let anything burn. It doesn't matter if your a meat lover or a vegetable fan, all palate dreams will come true here. With some luck Kurt will tell you one or two hints about the cooking of the specialities. Framed by the divine mountain panorama and charmed by the taste of the grill you will not forget that day so fast.



  • Time: every sunday from July, 10 til september, 4 2022, from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
  • Place: Nova Stoba Terrasse, Gaschurn
  • Alpine BBQ is only taking place in good weather conditions
  • Cost depending on choice of menu*


No reservation necessary!

Note: The Alpen BBQ is canceled on days when larger events are taking place.

*valid lift ticket required.

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