Prices Summer 2021


Tickets Adults Senior citizens Children

Day ticket
all cableway, all summits

30,20 28,70 18,10
Summit station ascent and descent                       4 sections (Versettla, Hochjoch*, Grasjoch) 22,40 21,30 13,40
Single ride                                                        (Versettla midway, Garfrescha, Sennigrat from Kapell, Hochalpila from Grasjoch) 9,40 8,90 5,60
Coffee ride
from 2 p.m. (Versettla, Hochjoch*, Grasjoch)
22,40 21,30 13,40**
Bike & luggage ticket   
per trip
4,50 4,50 4,50
Day ticket bike 16,00 16,00 16,00

* only reachable with Zamang cableway ** Children receive ice-cream instead of coffee and cake.

Age limits  
FREE: Born in or after 2015
Children: Born in or after 2002
Seniors: Born in or before 1956

Groups of 10 or more receive one free pass. This does not apply to season tickets and the leisure pass. The children’s rate also applies for people with a disability of 70% or more. Identification must be provided for all tariffs.

Validity: 1 day from the first usage.


All prices in Euro, subject to change!