Alpine World Nova

Fresh milk, tangy cheese, soft wool and aromatic herbs: in the Nova area, everything revolves around regional products and rural craftwork, as well as fun and games.

The world of the cow

Those passing the stations with a "cow" theme will be introduced to life with animals. There is plenty for little farmers to do around the shaded sandpit: the wooden cow needs milking, the milk cans need lifting up and the butter churner needs turning. Once the work is done, it's time for fun: making music with cowbells, playing memory games with milk cans and bowling with milk bottles – keeping cattle is so much fun!

Enter the sheep

What can you make from the wool of a Montafon Steinschafen sheep? And how do you get it from a sheep anyway? These and other questions are answered on the marble runs that are dedicated to the wooly grazers. You can even ride the wobbly sheep in the Nova Alpine world!

Flowers, bees and mountains

The flora in the mountains is different from the garden at home. Children will learn which plants grow in the mountains and also how important the bees are up here in an interactive flower field. Right beside it, there are herbal snails with various Alpine herbs to smell and touch. Keen young biologists can rediscover them on the plate with a visit to Nova Stoba

Vier Barga themed trail

Montafon is a cultural landscape to be discovered and preserved. This is why the trail has information boards and game options related to the region. What is so special about the Montafon Alpine and Maisäß (traditional Alpine pasture land) culture? How does the alp calender look like and what happens on an alp during the year? And how was the hay processed and transported back in the years?

In the future, four 'Barga' (huts) will provide an insight into mountain life and offer space for relaxation and enjoyment. The project is constantly being expanded.

More detailed information about the themed trail you can find here.

Taking a deep breath and inhaling the adventure air?

There is not only a lot of changes in the Nova area. The Adventure Mountain Hochjoch becomes an active territory and adventure area for all ages.