VINNOVA The highest wine bar in Vorarlberg

Explore a world of superb wines

Discover a world of indulgence and let our sommelier dazzle you with a cornucopia of reds and whites. As you raise your glass and hold it to the light, sniff the wine and then let it swirl around in your mouth. Relax in front of a huge window, take in the impressive mountain vista.

VINNOVA Highlights

Wine bar on over 2.000 meters 
  • Large windows with view on Heimspitze
  • More than 100 different wines
  • Alpine tapas with ham and cheese from the region
  • Coffee specialities from the aus der filter holder machine
  • Fine fruit brandy
Have a look at the wines (German only)


Vintner evenings on JAN 26, FEB 23, MAR 27 and APR 13 2018

People of good taste are invited to lean back at the tasting of fine wines. Accompanied by a qualified sommelier and a vintner, the evening will turn into an unforgettable experience. Interested? Book at any payment desk or via telephone: +43 5557 6300.
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Ebernach meets Esterházy

July 14th 2018 

Domäne Wachau

August 11th 2018

Mature wines versus young vines

September 15th 2018

Wine festival

Good wines on over 2,000 meters
August 4-5, 2018
Nova Stoba
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Wine Tasting Experience

In the highest wine bar in Vorarlberg
27.12. - 18.04.2019 | every Thursday; 27.12. - 18.04.2019 | every Thursday
  • Tasting of three different wines
  • Accompanied by a vintner
  • Coffee specialities
  • Vouchers available
From € 29,-  Wine Tasting Experience


Daily: 08:30-16:00