Nova Exclusive

Make the first tracks in the snow

  • Versettla cable car valley station
  • guided, sporty, culinary

The Nova Exclusive is a sunrise tour that enables you to enjoy the untouched piste on your own. Discover the pleasures of exclusive skiing in the Nova region. Divided into small groups, you can enjoy not only a little early morning exercise but also the natural setting, alpine views and spectacular sunrise. The crowning conclusion is the hearty alpine breakfast in the Nova Stoba.



  • Every FRI from DEC 28, 2018, to APR 19, 2019
  • Meet at the Versettla cable car valley station, Gaschurn, at 7.20 am
  • Programme: warm up, first lines down the beautiful, freshly-groomed pistes with professional guides, subsequent hearty mountain breakfast at the Nova Stoba
  • Minimum number of participants: 10 
  • Vouchers: available at any payment desk or online 


Price (2018/19)
€ 38.00*


Booking no later than 4 pm the previous day at any payment desk, online or via telephone + 43 5557 6300

*includes mountain breakfast; only in combination with a valid day, multi-day or season pass

Contact & Arrival
  • Versettla cable car valley station 6793 Gaschurn, AT
  • +43 5557 6300
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Voucher - Nova Exclusive

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