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Big winter competition

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Win a BMW 1 Series and other mega prizes!


This winter it's time to collect ski days - because we're organizing the big winter competition! What do you have to do? Download the SiMo app and go skiing as often as possible - it's not that difficult. 

This is how you take part:

  • Download the SiMo app and take part in the competition challenge in the app (under the menu item DROP IN)
  • Accept the conditions of participation and privacy policy in the app (under the menu item DROP IN)
  • Track every ski day between December 1, 2023 and March 24, 2024 via the DROP IN menu item in the SiMo app (note: location sharing must be activated on the cell phone)
  • For each tracked ski day in the Silvretta Montafon, one participation ticket will be created at the end of the season for the big draw on April 7th

Important: The generation of a winning ticket is independent of the type of your ski ticket. This means that if you have active tracking in the SiMo app, you will generate a winning ticket, regardless of whether you ski on the Hochjoch or the Nova with an annual pass, season pass, multi-day pass or day pass. In other words: the more ski days, the more tickets.

The draw will take place at our season finale on April 7, 2024 with a LIVE concert by the band Krauthobel at the Valisera Bahn mountain station.

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