Montafoner Oktoberfest

Peaks, pints and pretzels

08/30/ - 09/01/2019
Restaurant Kapellrestaurant
musical, culinary

One thing we Montafoners do well: party in traditional Tracht garb and lederhosen. One thing we’ve adopted from the people of Munich: Weisswurst sausages and pretzels. One thing we have in common with Munich: good beer. Which means there’s nothing to stop the Montafon Oktoberfest from being successful. We might not have the fields that Munich does, but we do have breathtaking mountains with panoramic views, which guarantee an unforgettable festival. And of course, we have to have some proper live music.


Contact & Arrival

Restaurant Kapellrestaurant
Bergstation Hochjoch Bahn
6780 Schruns
Hotline: +43 5557 6300