Potato week

at the Kapellrestaurant

Restaurant Kapellrestaurant

Grundbirne – Erdapfel – Grumbeere – Kantüffel – Bodabira – Erdbirne – Tüfte- Härdöpfel: there are many words for potato in the German language.

And the preparation methods of this member of the nightshade family are as diverse as its many names. The team at the Kapellrestaurant boils, fries, bakes, deep-fries and purees this staple food, transforming it into delicious dishes.

With more than 5,000 varieties of potato available, which come in all shapes, sizes and colors, culinary creativity knows almost no bounds!

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Restaurant Kapellrestaurant
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6780 Schruns
Hotline: +43 5557 6300