Silvretta Park Montafon

Your mountain activity starts in the valley
Thursday, 12. August 2021 at 12:08 Time

The new Silvretta Park combines history and the future. Mountain and valley. Hochjoch and Nova. Guests and locals.

It's the new heart of Silvretta Montafon: Everything on offer from the mountain sports resort, all in one place.

Find a new connection: from December 2021.


Comeback with a global innovation

Where the Valisera Bahn once made history when it was built 40 years ago, you will find yet another global innovation in December 2021.

The first semi-automatic 10-seater gondola is being constructed at the former valley station in St. Gallenkirch, near the existing Grasjoch Bahn.

Silvretta Montafon is entering a new cable car era with the Doppelmayr D-Line. Let's go!


Far more than just a valley station

The new area around the Valisera Bahn won't be a cable car station in the traditional sense. In fact, Silvretta Park Montafon is creating a high-quality area worth staying in, where guests, locals, and employees can meet. Your mountain activity starts in the valley!

An underground car park with plenty of e-charging stations and a total of 600 parking spaces gives you convenient, quick, and direct access to the platform. The various stalls within the large market hall have something to entice every food fan and the links to the local region are obvious. Find everything you could need for your mountain adventure at the Intersport shop opposite the market hall. And go to the new ski school center to find out more about the courses on offer or book guides and mountain activities.

Soon you'll even be able to stay overnight directly in Silvretta Park: The Revier Hotel and public restaurant will open in winter 2022/23.


360° Silvretta Park

·         Terminal: new, comfortable, and exciting entrance

·         Semi-automatic 10-seater gondola

·         Largest e-charging garage in Vorarlberg

·         Barrier-free access to cable car via escalator

·         Innovative ticket systems and pick-up stations

·         Market hall with regional produce

·         Modern Intersport shop with ski depot and Kästle Test&Buy Center

·         Ski school: Info, registration, and bookable mountain activities with guides

·         Attractive meeting areas to linger in

·         Revier Hotel Montafon and public restaurant (opening in winter 2022/23)


Valisera Bahn 2.0

Cutting-edge cable car technology with maximum performance, reduced to the essentials, packaged in a modern design and unique architecture: This package makes every gondola trip a first-class experience.


·         10-seater gondolas

·         Maximum comfort

·         Seat heating

·         Twist-in system, indoor ski holder

·         Barrier-free access

·         Travel speed up to 7 m/s

·         Innovative semi-automatic operation


We believe in the future

We are eagerly anticipating the opening of Silvretta Park Montafon and the new Valisera Bahn. Despite the difficult prevailing conditions, we can make bold investments in the future thanks to our owner, Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg (BTV). A confident restart in the 2021/22 winter season is guaranteed.