Adventure Mountain Hochjoch

Taking a deep breath and inhaling the adventure air become one and the same. The Hochjoch becomes the active territory and adventure area for all ages.

Please note: not all stations are in operation anymore! 

Giving Alpinism a try

Children can discover elements of Alpinism on the motor skills playground. They can put their sense of balance to the test on the climbing net between hiking poles, budding alpinists can feel butterflies in their stomach on the ice axes and experience their first dizzying adventure on the bridge between the climbing rocks.

Nature's obstacle course

Balancing is not only fun but also promotes a sense of equilibrium. Rocking stones mimic unsteady ground like you would encounter when hiking. Timber footholds and tree stumps invite you to hone your own body awareness. On the hillside, nets and ropes can be used as "climbing aids".

Slackline fun for all ages

For some it is a pastime that demands a lot of concentration, while for others it is an efficient training method for sports that require a good sense of balance. The course consists of five and seven meter slackline lengths. On your lines, set, go!

Forces of nature on the trail

The forces of nature trail stations will teach about the mountain elements in a way that is both fun and helps you to remember what you have learned. On the one-hour trail, walkers can create mountain storms on wind towers and build stone cairns with their bare hands. An experience for the whole family as the trail is suitable for strollers.

Testing out the waters: the lake biotope

Water is a fascinating element to play with and explore, but also a welcome source of strength for those looking to rejuvenate. The lake biotope here offers various elements to while away the hours and play. Children can shoot water fountains into the sky, propel rafts using wave pumps and enter new sensory worlds on the barefoot path.

More detailed information about the themed trail you can find here.

Fresh milk, tangy cheese, soft wool and aromatic herbs

Not only at the Hochjoch there is change going on. In the Alpine World Nova everything revolves around regional products and rural craftwork, as well as fun and games.