In Silvretta Montafon Freeriding

Whiteouts, freedom and a feeling of flow

A picture-book off-piste Eldorado. Small to big drops, a terrain from flat to steep and descents in all kinds of shapes and levels of difficulty. Add to that: guaranteed snow until spring – thanks to its favourable location in the northern Alps. 

And now imagine: The white descents lie in front of you like a giant white glistening carpet. You take a deep breath, and then the cliff drop, the first line and the whiteout appear in front of your imaginary eye. The first few turns down the descent are awe-inspiring and amazing. And that’s when it overcomes you – the feeling of being in the flow as you glide over the pristine snow cover. 

A wide grin on your face and eyes lit up with joy, that’s how you swoosh down the mountain while your mood goes up and up. There’s only one thing that matters now: Let it flow! 

When the mountain calls out to you … 

Different freeride routes. Seasoned powder pros with plenty of freeride know-how. Spectacular lines bound to give you goosebumps and an adrenaline rush. Descents that seem to be calling out to you. And an extensive backcountry which opens the door to an incomparable feeling of freedom: That’s freeriding at its best in Silvretta Montafon. 

You’re itching to put your skis on already? Hang on a second! That wasn’t all … the sportiest ski resort holds a lot more in store that makes freeriders’ hearts beat faster! 

The powder snow mecca of Silvretta Montafon

Alongside several kilometres of perfectly groomed slopes, the longest valley descent in Vorarlberg and modern cable car and lift facilities, the following freeride highlights will give you the ultimate feeling of freeride joy:
  • Special freeride routes for limitless powder fun 
  •  Freeride Station: a meeting point for freeriders with a pro team based at Grasjoch cable car mountain station
  •  Freeride Abenteuertag (adventure day) every Tuesday and Thursday
  • 4*  Open Faces Freeride Contest


THE challenge for the complete freerider

Experience the fascinating freeriding at the Zamangspitze in Montafon! Here breathtaking landscapes meet the pure freedom of winter sports. Explore the challenging slopes and deep snowfields of this Grasjoch area. Adrenaline and passion merge as you glide through the pristine powder snow while admiring the Montafon mountain scenery in the background. The area near the Zamangspitze offers steep descents, wide open slopes and hidden couloirs as well as countless cliffs - a true paradise for freeriders. Immerse yourself in this unique natural environment and feel the indescribable energy of freeriding at Zamangspitze.

Kleine Heimspitze

The Spot of the Profis at the 4* OPEN FACES Freeride Contest

Experience the breathtaking freeriding of the pros on the face of the Kleine Heimspitze at the legendary Open Faces Event*** in Montafon! The best freeriders in the world plunge down steep slopes and through untouched snowfields towards Nova Tal. Adrenaline and skill combine in elegant turns and spectacular jumps, just inches from rocks. This challenging playground requires risk awareness and years of experience. Freeriders leave a trail of adventure and passion behind them as they test the limits of what is possible on the Kleine Heimspitze. A captivating spectacle where man and mountain become one.

What the pros are saying

Fabio Studer, Freeride World Tour Rider

"Silvretta Montafon gives me everything I need for perfect training: steep gullies, spectacular cliffs, cool faces and idyllic deep-snow slopes. This is just the terrain I need to be able to compete as a professional in the Freeride World Cup and hold my own."

Jochen Mesle, Freeride professional

„Silvretta Montafon provides everything a freerider heart desires. The diversified terrain ranges from playful to challenging, steep hillsides. The panorama enables you to capture powerful shots – my photographers and film makers are enthused about this mountainscape every time.“

Max Kroneck

„Many years ago, we’ve discovered Silvretta Montafon as an amazing freeride location, and we’re happy to come back and film here time and again. A few short hikes from the ski resort and you’re already at many promising lines. From playful to incredibly challenging – we always come back down into the valley content and full of joy.”

Jochen Mesle

„For me, the Montafon region is a giant treasure trove. No matter how long it’s been since it snowed the last time, you’ll always find perfect conditions to have tons of fun.”

Freeride Station: Exploring the backcountry with the pros … 

Without much thinking. Intuitively. Laid-back. Almost automatically. According to Fabio Studer, former Freeride World Tour Rider, you can experience a state of flow when your skills and the challenges are on the same level. That’s when you can swoosh down the powder-snow descents in Silvretta Montafon with perfect ease. The freeride mecca in Vorarlberg is unique and attracts countless freeride fanatics every year. 

The team – consisting of Simon, Regina and Janine – knows what makes freeriders’ hearts beat faster, and they’re happy to attend to individual wishes. Every Tuesday and Thursday, it’s time to head out into the open alpine terrain. 

Freeride Station ❆ Ride • Connect • Learn

At the Freeride Station right by the Grasjoch cable car mountain station, you can explore Silvretta Montafon’s extensive backcountry with the pros. Strictly speaking, the Freeride Station is a meeting point for freeriders who want to learn more or take a course.
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Freeriding needs to be practiced. That’s why they conduct a freeride basic day including practical safety training once a week at the Freeride Station. Everyone who wants to learn more about freeriding can sign up for a suitable course. You’re a beginner and would like to gather some first experiences with your new equipment in the open terrain? With the basic day, you’re all set for your own freeride adventures in Silvretta Montafon. 

Going on a private tour in the backcountry? With the help of a private guide, your skis will hit pristine powder snow descents they would have otherwise never encountered. Leave your comfort zone and experience, explore and enjoy the mountains with your guide – as if there was no tomorrow! 

Private guides

LVS search field Grasjoch

You need to learn how to use an avalanche transceiver correctly. That's why we have set up an avalanche transceiver search area on the Grasjoch between pistes 11 and 12.

Test your equipment and set off safely on your next freeride adventure.

Event tips

Open Faces Freeride World Qualifier****

The Freeride Contest will take place on Sunday February 27th!
Sunday, 25th February 2023
Nova Stoba  (Public Viewing)/Heimspitze (Contest face)


Workshops & Clinis
FEB 2 to FEB 5, 2023
Freeride Station

The freeride get-together in the Silvretta Montafon is a freeride festival for everyone and offers a wide range of clinics, workshops and tours. Join us again in 2023 when we look for the best lines and the most beautiful powder together! Our guides and professionals from the scene are happy to share their expertise and look forward to a freeride experience together. The Grasjoch area in the Silvretta Montafon and the surrounding area are the perfect place to celebrate our mutual love of snow, to learn new things and to exchange ideas.

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on 5 days from January to March

Freeride Adventure Day

Off-piste adventures
Freeride Adventure Day


Watch professional freeriders smoothly glide down the lines, master thrilling cliff drops and tackle risky jumps – from the comfort of a lounge chair on the sun deck of the Nova Stoba at 2,000 metres above sea level! At the eights Open Faces in February 2022, the pros show what they’re capable of. 

You’d like to test the latest ski models for a perfect freeride experience?

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