Tobogganing in Silvretta Montafon

Ready, steady – and off you go down the run! 

Two runners, a helmet including goggles to protect you from the airflow, joyous laughter resounding through the mountains: Tobogganing in Silvretta Montafon is highly recommended! Why? Be it little or grown-up winter enthusiasts – they all look forward to an exciting tobogganing adventure! Two toboggan runs in Silvretta Montafon are sure to make your heart beat faster and your smile even wider. 

By day or by night: The choice is yours! Kapell natural toboggan run or Gafrescha night-time toboggan run ensure adventuresome tobogganing fun under sunny or starlit skies. 

Ready, steady … lift your legs and pull the reins and then off you go down the toboggan run! And in case you’re picking up too much speed, just use your feet to slow down. 

Gafrescha night-time toboggan run

Tobogganing under starlit skies 

When the sun sets behind the mountains and all you hear is the gentle hooting of an owl, that’s when tobogganing is the most fun. On the Gafrescha night-time toboggan run, the adventure starts when the day ends. Floodlight tobogganing fun is usually possible from the beginning of January to the end of March. You may find more information about the opening hours here

Facts and figures about the run: 

  • Length: 5.5 km 
  • Duration of the descent by toboggan: 20 minutes
  • Starting point: mountain station of Gafrescha cable car 
  • Ascent: from 6 pm with the Garfrescha cable car, St. Gallenkirch (please note that an earlier ascent with the toboggan is not possible).
  • Note: toboggan rental only at the valley station, last ascent and descent at 8.30 pm, tobogganing duration approx. 20 minutes, toboggan run closed after last control run at 8.45 pm, lighting switches off at 9.30 pm; Attention: only for experienced tobogganers - headlamp recommended!
  • sled rental at the valley station; € 12,00,- per sled
  • Options for a break: Alpengasthof Gafrescha and Brunellawirt 

Have you ever swooshed down into the valley on a toboggan on Vorarlberg’s longest night-time run? You haven’t? Then it’s about time! Pure tobogganing joy and a workout for your laughing muscles await. The toboggan run is five and a half kilometres long, and it’s open from end of december if the weather and snow conditions allow it. 

Did you know? The “tobogganing fun and culinary joys” mountain experience lets you combine two delightful activities. At Alpengasthof Gafrescha, gourmets get to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Montafoner Keesspätzli, Schnitzelparty or various burgers round off your tobogganing experience in Silvretta Montafon. 


Prices (2023/24)

Evening ticket: Adults € 28,00 * Seniors € 27,00* Children € 16,00*

Single ticket: Adults € 13,00 * Seniors € 12,00* Children € 7,00*

(*Daily, multi-day, seasonal or annual tickets are not valid).

Kapell natural toboggan run

Tobogganing by day

Metre by metre, the Hochjoch cable car takes you up to the mountain station with your toboggan. If you have a valid ski pass or a season/annual ticket , the ride is included. Let the tobogganing fun begin! 

Facts and figures about the run: 

  • Length: 5 kilometres 
  • Duration of the descent by toboggan: 20 to 25 minutes
  • Options for a break: Kapellrestaurant and Gasthaus Kropfen
  • Starting point: mountain station of Hochjoch cable car 

Once your cable car arrives at the top, it’s time for some fun with the whole family! Across a distance of five kilometres, Kapell natural toboggan run winds through the snowy winter forests of Silvretta Montafon. Regardless of age or skill, the route is fun for everyone.

Prices (2023/24)

Day ticket: Adults € 36,- * Seniors € 34,-* Children € 21,00*

Afternoon ticket from 13.00: Adults € 28,00 * Seniors € 27,-* Children € 16,00-*

(Day, multi-day, season or annual tickets are valid).

How to make your tobogganing adventure a resounding success

  1. Dress warmly: Alongside the tried and tested onion look, warm and water-repellent clothing keeps you nice and toasty. Just grab your ski clothes – they’ll protect you from the cold. 
  2. Safety first: Helmets aren’t mandatory. Still: Tobogganing is fun and it’s speedy. Protected by a helmet and goggles, you’re on the safe side. 
  3. Code of conduct: Don’t stop or get off the toboggan while you’re on the run! If you absolutely need to stop, make sure to keep to the side of the run. That’s how you don’t endanger others coming down the mountain.