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Ansicht eines Skifahrers auf der Piste von oben. | © Silvretta Montafon - Schöffel Ansicht eines Skifahrers auf der Piste von oben. | © Silvretta Montafon - Schöffel
Snow power in the mountains

Silvretta Montafon ski area

Nestled in the heart of the Vorarlberg Alps, the Silvretta Montafon ski area turns skiing and snowboarding fantasies into reality. More than 50 per cent of the meticulously groomed ski runs are located above 2,000 metres, ensuring a consistent blanket of snow. The highlight for winter sports enthusiasts: “HochjochTotale” – Vorarlberg’s longest descent.

Adrenaline rush or leisurely descent?

Unique ski runs in the Silvretta Montafon ski area

Beyond the traditional blue, red and black runs, Silvretta Montafon also boasts unique downhill highlights catering to all skill levels. The ski area has truly gone the extra mile to provide thrill-seeking winter sports enthusiasts of all ages with ample opportunities to experience extraordinary moments in the snow. Whether you prefer a leisurely descent or a fast-paced adventure – on skis or on a snowboard: The choice is yours! 

Your holiday guide

Plan your skiing and snowboarding holiday in Silvretta Montafon

Thrills guaranteed!

Black Scorpions: the steepest runs in the ski area

Non-venomous, yet delivering an adrenaline rush akin to their animal counterparts: The five Black Scorpions runs in the Silvretta Montafon ski area promise guaranteed thrills with gradients of up to 67 per cent. Tighten your ski boots, gaze down into the valley – and master the steepest descents in Silvretta Montafon with flying colours!

Black Scorpion runs in the Silvretta Montafon ski area:

  • Ski run 3: max. gradient: 45 %, length: 1,391 m, elevation loss: 350 m
  • Ski run 5: max. gradient: 67 %, length: 359 m, elevation loss: 63 m
  • Ski run 44: max. gradient: 59 %, length: 2,874 m, elevation loss: 455 m
  • Ski run 54: max. gradient: 56 %, length: 535 m, elevation loss: 150 m
  • Ski run 65: max. gradient: 67 %, length: 479 m, elevation loss: 183 m
For little and grown-up speed junkies

Speed run

Here we go! Ski poles firmly in hand, crouch down, focus and inhale deeply for that final moment before hurling yourself down the mountain! The speed run at the Race Area takes you straight downhill – and lets you experience firsthand the speeds achieved by World Cup athletes. The highlight: The speed check tells you exactly how fast you mastered the slope. Perfect your style, refine your technique and benchmark yourself against the pros!

Let it flow!

Snowpark Montafon in the Silvretta Montafon ski area

Let’s shred! Kickers, rails, or boxes: The snow park provides the perfect platform to dazzle onlookers with your cool tricks. Showcase your skills on 40 obstacles designed for both beginners and advanced riders!

Stunts galore in the snow

Freeridecross run in Silvretta Montafon

Introducing the Silvretta Montafon special: freeride cross. Whether you’re an amateur racer, a ski ace or a speed king: This 800-metre run incorporates classic obstacles from ski and snowboard cross, injecting an extra dose of action into your ski day. Wave tracks, tunnels, banked turns and numerous other elements turn every descent into an exhilarating adrenaline rush.

Let’s go!

Speedy thrills with digital support: the Race Area

Experience what it’s like to be a pro winter sports athlete at the Race Area in Silvretta Montafon. Whether it’s carving clean lines in parallel slalom or hitting top speed on the race-cross track: You choose! And remember, you can relive your descent through photos and videos on the SiMo app later on.

A sporty start to the day

Sunrise skiing in the Silvretta Montafon ski area

Early risers, rejoice! Four times a week, you have the opportunity to carve down the freshly groomed ski runs, basking in the early morning sun before the crowds arrive. Following your invigorating morning winter sports session, you can treat yourself to a delicious breakfast at the mountain restaurant.

Mehr Piste, mehr Kilometer, mehr Höhenmeter

Montafon Totale Ski

„Keine Piste doppelt“ lautet das Motto der Montafon Totale Ski. Einen ganzen Tag lang geht es durch die Silvretta Montafon. Mit 10.000 Höhenmetern in der Abfahrt und 45 Pistenkilometer, erwartet dich die sportlichste Skirunde der Alpen. Anspruchsvolle Abfahrten gepaart mit atemberaubende Ausblicke warten auf dich. Stelle dich der Herausforderung und werde mit einem unvergleichlichen Abenteuer belohnt.

Winter sports deluxe

Snow sports highlights in the Silvretta Montafon ski area