Summer in Silvretta Montafon

Up the mountain and into adventure 

Take a heaping scoop of breathtaking mountain landscapes, add some unforgettable moments of joy and sprinkle with a pinch of mountain summer! What you get is the perfect location for your next summer holiday in the mountains: Silvretta Montafon. 

What sets Silvretta Montafon apart from other destinations? Well, there are a few things: for instance, the heartfelt hospitality of the local hosts. The numerous options to get to know and love the country, culture and cuisine. And, of course, the many choices of activities when going on a sports, relaxation or family holiday. 

One region – countless options

500 kilometres of hiking trails. 270 kilometres of bike, MTB and e-bike routes. Via ferratas for beginners and experienced rock aficionados. The list goes on and on when it comes to activities you can do in the Montafon. It might be best to experience for yourself how diverse the region is! 

Did you know? Hochjoch via ferrata is one of the longest via ferratas in Vorarlberg, with an impressive length of 1,750 metres. 

Summer joy at 2,000 metres above sea level

In the same location where skiers swoosh down snowy descents in winter, holiday guests experience sunny holiday joys in the warmer months of the year: Because once the last bit of snow has melted and the alpine meadows start to bloom, it’s time to explore the mountain world. On foot or by bike. Alone or with the whole family. Leisurely strolling along or hiking at a sporty pace. Up in the mountains, everyone chooses their own tempo – just how it’s supposed to be. 

  • Hikers can look forward to hundreds of hiking trails right outside their hotel’s doorstep. From leisurely tours suitable for strollers to sweat-inducing summit conquests, everyone will find just what they’re looking for. In the mood to explore the mountains on foot? Go ahead and plan your hiking tour in Silvretta Montafon
  • Bikers and cyclists will push the pedals even more buoyantly in Silvretta Montafon, while mountain biking or e-biking. Discover all 270 bike-kilometres in the Montafon region in Vorarlberg!  
  • Climbers of all levels of skill experience their very own moments of joy surrounded by the mountain massif of the Silvretta range: either on one of the longest via ferratas of Vorarlberg, while bouldering or at the climbing crag. All info at a glance!  
  • Pleasure-seeking guests get to kick back and take the cable car up the mountain. Once at the top, three things take centre stage: Marvelling at the breathtaking views all around, savouring culinary delights at the mountain restaurants and enjoying the unique atmosphere at 2,000 metres above sea level to the fullest. 

There’s no stopping you now from having an amazing summer day in the mountains? Go ahead and have a look at the operating hours of the cable cars in Silvretta Montafon

Time on holiday means time for enjoyment.

A summer holiday in the mountains of Vorarlberg proves that holiday enjoyment can be excitingly varied. You’ll realise how many facets it can have: Whether it’s culinary enjoyment while tasting regional delicacies. A feast for the eyes when looking at the stunning mountain panorama. The amazing experience of taking a deep breath of fresh, crystal-clear mountain air. Or the feeling of elation after an active day in nature, knowing you’ve done something great for your health. All these are moments of enjoyment and pleasure that a summer holiday in Silvretta Montafon holds in store for you! 

In short: An active summer holiday in the Montafon region in Vorarlberg is a joy to all senses … and so much more! 

Sounds like the perfect holiday for you? Go ahead and find your accommodation in Silvretta Montafon – and then, start planning your stay! 

Here’s what you shouldn’t miss out on while on holiday in the mountains:

  • … spending the night in a tent and watching sunset and sunrise from the top of a mountain. 
  • … jumping into an ice-cold mountain lake after a sweat-inducing hike as a refreshment for body and mind.
  • … taking a selfie amidst the mountain world of Silvretta Montafon. 
  • … sitting on a mountain top, breathing crisp mountain air, letting your eyes wander across the horizon and simply enjoying the moment.

Summer holidays with your family in Silvretta Montafon

The most beautiful time of the year? Clearly: some well-deserved time off with your family. When this time off takes place amidst some of the most beautiful landscapes of Austria, life couldn’t be better. The constant objective: discovering the most stunning spots in the mountains together. Playfully exploring flora and fauna along a themed trail. Enjoying some culinary delights and seeing the alpine pastures, farms and huts from up close.

What matters most on family holiday is for parents to spend time with their kids – because that’s what tends to come up short during everyday life. How great that the Montafon offers plenty of options for that: be it at Hochjoch Adventure Mountain or at Nova Alpine World

Top 3 family highlights on summer holiday

  1. Hochjoch Adventure Mountain: where kids can dabble in hiking for the first time, test their agility and motor skills, or explore the barefoot trail by the lake biotope. Your adventure day could do with a little more action? Then how about going full speed down the kids’ tubing run or jumping onto the giant air bag? In short: Hochjoch Adventure Mountain should be on everyone’s list of things to do in Silvretta Montafon. 
  2. Adventure Nature Trail: The forces of nature trail stations will teach about the mountain elements in a way that is both fun and helps you to remember what you have learned. On the one-hour trail, walkers can create mountain storms on wind towers and build stone cairns with their bare hands. An experience for the whole family as the trail is suitable for strollers.
  3. Gravity Carts: Three wheels guarantee three times the fun! With the Gravity Cart you whizz from the Hochjoch cable car mountain station towards the middle station. Great fun for the whole family, because thanks to the adjustable seat and the intuitive Shimano brakes, children and adults alike can enjoy carting. Be it as the crowning finale of a day's hiking, an adventurous excursion or a group event.