Spectacular outlooks Climbing

The terrain of a rock artiste

Mobilize your strength, focus on deliberate steps on the rock and inch ever closer to the destination. The greater the height you conquer, the more stunning the view. And once you reach the summit, you are greeted with a feeling that you alone have achieved: deep satisfaction.

Opportunities available to climbing enthusiasts in Silvretta Montafon range from beginners’ via ferrata to high alpine routes, from Alpine climbing to bouldering. Guided tours and courses provide novice climbers with a safe and successful way to get into climbing.

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Via ferratas for all abilities

Four different via ferratas in varying routes. One of them - Hochjoch via ferrata - is one of the longest in Vorarlberg!
  • Our recommendation:
  • Beginner: Kälbersee (A&B), Burg (A) & Hochjoch variant 2 (B)
  • Advanced: Kälbersee variant C
  • Expert: Hochjoch variant 1 (C), Kälbersee variant D & Madrisella (C/D)

Via ferratas

Get ready for your next climbing adventure!  Here you can find the detailed descriptions of the different via ferratas in Silvretta Montafon.
Kleine Typografie vom Klettersteig Hochjoch
Hochjoch via ferrata

Vorarlberg's longest

Eine grafische Darstellung der Wegmöglichkeiten des Klettersteigs Kälbersee
Kälbersee via ferrata

The practise via ferrata

Klettersteig Burg
Burg via ferrata

All year round

Madrisella via ferrata

For those who aim high!
More information about the via ferrata

Guided via ferrata climbing tours

Hochjoch via ferrata course

Even renowned mountaineer Luis Trenker would be jealous!
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Every day a new challenge

Climbing garden

Alpine climbers will find seven climbing routes with a difficulty level of 3-5 at Wormser Hütte.
You find more information at the German Alpine Club's site.

For young and old - Adventure Mountain Hochjoch

Practise makes perfect

At the Adventure Mountain Hochjoch climbing ethusiasts of all ages may slowly approach rock. 
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via ferrata-holidays at the Montafon

Further via ferratas nearby

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