Black Scorpions

Our steepest descents

If the sweat of the challenge is on your brow, then you have certainly conquered one of the five steepest descents with a gradient of up to 67 percent. Not for nothing do the five challenges in white bear the name "Black Scorpions". A true test of courage for the nerves, when you stand on the edge of the mountain and start the race of your life.

Do you dare?

piste-total-skifahren-bennir-raich-schöffel | © Silvretta Montafon_Michael Müller

Our 5 steepest slopes

Slope 3 - max. inclination: 45%, length: 1391 m, vertical meters: 350 m
Slope 5 - max. inclination: 67%, length: 359 m, vertical meters: 63 m
Slope 44 - max. inclination: 59%, length: 2874 m, vertical meters: 455 m
Slope 54 - max. inclination: 56%, length: 535 m, vertical meters: 150 m
Slope 65 - max. inclination: 67%, length: 479 m, vertical meters: 183 m


Do you already know our SiMo app?

Conquer all 5 of our Black Scorpions and track your runs in the SiMo app. You will receive a pin and loyalty points. When you have collected enough points, you can exchange them for vouchers.