The first and only Freeridecross in Austria Freeridecross

This is the place for extra flow!

The Freda chairlift is the meeting point for anyone seeking action and fun. The fantastic, 800-m-long Freeridecross awaits you right next to the Snowpark. This is where you will encounter a mix of classic skicross and snowboardcross elements and natural obstacles, combined with a decent flow.


We are taking you on a lap of the obstacle course!


I catapult myself across the Freeridecross start gate with everything my arms can manage. I will not lose to my buddy! The first few meters are often the deciders: Yes, I'm in the lead!

Let's go!

Downward movements give you momentum on the wave track and the waves are absorbed by your knees. Easier said than done. But how much fun is it?! My buddy is hot on my heels – quick, hurry up.

Keep it up!

Here comes the section through the ski tunnel. It's quite important to keep up the momentum here so that you still have enough speed for the banked turn. So poles under the arms and full steam ahead!

Oh no!

My opponent has actually overtaken me on the approach to the banked turn! His squat position is simply unbeatable. Now I really have to get a move on though. Hang on...


Next is my personal Freeridecross highlight: the ski jump! I love the feeling of soaring through the air. Ha! I overtook him again there, right before the jump.


I can't believe it! He cheekily overtakes me just before the line again and takes the slightest lead on the banked turn. The rematch is set for Challenge Day on February 23, and not a moment later. And I'll certainly be calmly and secretly waxing my skis beforehand.