We have recognised the urgency of the energy transition and want to do our part. We are taking the first steps towards climate-friendly electricity supply and energy generation. In new projects, we focus on the use of renewable energy sources.

Solar systems/photovoltaic systems

As we all know, the sun (almost) always shines in the Montafon. We have to take advantage of that! A photovoltaic system is already in operation at the top station of the new Valisera cable car. We can use 100% of the electricity that we generate with the PV system directly for the railway operation.

Biomass heating

A biomass heating system is used to generate sustainable heating energy for the new Valisera cable car valley station. Renewable raw materials in the form of wood pellets are used to generate energy. The entire Silvretta Park with the SiMotel, the market hall, Intersport and the Revier Hotel is also connected to this biomass heating system.

Green electricity

Since January 2020, we have been operating the cable cars in the Silbertal with green electricity from Vorarlberg. Enjoy the climate-friendly gondola ride up the Kristberg!
Mission Zero

Climate-friendly wellness

Sustainable vacation

The wellness area at the Sporthotel Silvretta Montafon has plenty to offer, from the Black Scorpions sauna to the sweat room, three different relaxation rooms and the crystal pool. And the best thing about it? Guests at the Sporthotel Silvretta Montafon can be sure that their spa and wellness stay will not unnecessarily increase their CO2 footprint. Thanks to the connection to the district heating network, hydroelectric power is used to heat not only the entire hotel, but also the critical pool to a pleasant temperature. Everything else, including the entire sauna area and the hotel's 9 e-charging stations, is also powered by emission-free electricity.


Snow Management

Our slopes must not only be perfectly prepared for all skiers, but also efficiently. That's why we place a lot of emphasis on optimal snow management. Our snow groomers are equipped with the latest technology. With millimeter-precise snow depth measurements, we can find out where there is how much snow and how to distribute it efficiently. Together with the technical snow-making team, the snowcat drivers distribute the snow according to demand and can thus guarantee winter sports enthusiasts optimal slope conditions.

Evaluation of telemetry data

We take a close look at the telemetry data from our snow groomers after they have been used at night. In doing so, we check how much time and fuel was used on each individual slope. The aim is to optimise fuel consumption and the duration of use every day, thereby minimizing environmental impact. With our partner and snowcat manufacturer Kässbohrer Austria, we regularly exchange information about technical possibilities and needs, such as the E-PistenBully, which we have already had the opportunity to test. Nevertheless, we want to continue to improve further in this respect. 


In order to make snowmaking in our ski area as efficient and sustainable as possible, we use our snow guns in a targeted and demand-oriented manner. For this reason, the energy-efficient lances from Demaclenko are used at suitable points, which have an energy consumption of just 0.15 kWh/m³ of snow. Technical snowmaking is and remains a major challenge and a not insignificant energy consumer in the ski area. Here, too, we learn something new every winter season and can thus always improve.

Purity law for snow

Contrary to popular belief, technical snow is also a purely natural product. Only water and air are required for production. Chemical additives in snow water are clearly rejected by the member companies of the Austrian Cable Car Association.


An exciting road trip on the fast lanes of change. Christian Clerici travels all-electric across Austria and portrays the shapers of the mobility and energy transition. The stop in the Silvretta Montafon was both a highlight and a source of inspiration.
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