our partners

Together with our partners, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and actively work to promote sustainable practices. Their efforts ensure that the beauty of the mountains is preserved for future generations and that a visit to us is a memorable, environmentally friendly experience.


The sustainability of the Vorarlberg cable car industry is always at the centre of public interest. For this reason, the Vorarlberg mountain railways' specialist group has collected all the measures and facts relating to the topic of the future and prepared them in a folder.


The bewusstmontafon association stands for the cooperation of regional producers of delicacies, gastronomy and trade in the entire Montafon region. The focus is on raising awareness among locals and guests and on the production of genuine regional products. In various working groups, members from the entire valley are committed to ideas around traditional and innovative products and offers.


POW - Protect Our Winters Austria

Protect our Winters Austria (POW) is committed to the responsible use of our mountain environment. We also want to take responsibility in the course of our Green Mountains Initiative. As cooperation partners, we - the Silvretta Montafon and POW - therefore support each other. You too can get involved and become part of the POW community!!

Natura 2000

Natura 2000 Verwall is a protected area in the Austrian Montafon that is part of the Europe-wide Natura 2000 network. It encompasses the Verwall, an impressive mountain group in the Central Alps. The area is characterised by a diverse flora and fauna as well as rare habitats that need to be protected. Natura 2000 Verwall aims to ensure the conservation and restoration of natural habitats and wildlife. Measures are taken to preserve biodiversity and protect endangered species.

Nature-friendly mountain sports

Our guests and we like to spend our free time in the mountains. Nature in the mountains gives us peace, relaxation, amazing views and, above all, an unforgettable time. However, we must not forget our flora and fauna. What is recreation for us can be a great challenge for the flora and fauna. For this reason, the initiative "Nature-compatible mountain sports in the Montafon" was launched - to protect precisely this retreat for humans and animals.

Respektiere deine Grenzen

In 2004, the initiative "Respektiere deine Grenzen" was launched with the aim of systematically creating protection for sensitive habitats throughout Vorarlberg. To prevent humans and nature from getting in each other's way, signs mark such crucial areas throughout the state. Animals and plants are thus not only given a voice, but also the space they actually need.


BMW Unterberger

Sustainability is an important issue for the Unterberger Group, which is why they are planning to gradually equip all their flat roofs with photovoltaic systems. The aim is to be able to cover 50% of their electricity requirements themselves.


MOON POWER's mission is to make electric mobility an everyday reality. With the largest e-charging garage in Vorarlberg, MOON POWER has now been able to prove this credo: The underground car park in the Silvretta Park Montafon offers an exclusive MOON Lounge with 35 charging stations as well as 15 additional publicly accessible charging stations.


VMOBIL ensures that people throughout Vorarlberg get to their destination in the best possible way - and thus also to us in the Silvretta Montafon.

PIZ Montafon

The PIZ - Future Laboratory for Sustainable Tourism is a pioneering initiative in th e Alpine region dedicated to the spirit of tourism innovation, especially in the direction of sustainability.



BTV is a company with spirit & attitude. From this attitude and inner conviction, they deal intensively with future issues, develop sustainable solutions and take courageous steps.