Wi-Fi hotspots

Surf free of charge at Silvretta Montafon!

All over Silvretta Montafon you can find Wi-Fi Hotspots, so sharing the best snapshots with your friends is very simple. Send messages, videos, photos and show your friends what they are missing out on. Don't forget to use #silvrettamontafon – we look forward to your posts!


Where to find the hotspots:

  • Panorama cable car (in the gondeles)
  • Valisera cable car (in the gondeles)
  • Valisera cable car valley station
  • Grasjoch Hütte (sunshade bar)
  • Casa Nova
  • Versettla cable car valley station
  • Nova Stoba (globe bar self-service area, terrace and star bar)
  • Kapell restaurant (self-service inside bar, self-service terrace and sun bar)
  • Hochjoch cable car valley station
  • Zamang cable car valley station
  • Panorama cable car (in the gondolas)​
  • Schwarzköpfli Kiosk
  • Alte Talstation

How it works:

  • Connect to the SILVRETTA MONTAFON Wi-Fi network free of charge
  • Start your internet browser
  • Confirm general terms & conditions as to the data protection information and you're good to go!