Alpine Sport Center

A new center for tourism

“It is high time that we combine all our tourism-related expertise in a single location - the Alpine Sport Center. A tourist center is therefore being created in Schruns - the first of its kind in the Alps. We are bringing together 44 different professions with a view to orchestrating an unforgettable adventure and maximum enjoyment for our guests”.

Peter Gaugg and Peter Marko, Managing Directors at Silvretta Montafon

The company - which will be located in the heart of Schruns - will be far more than just a place of work for 60 people and a control center for almost 900 employees during the winter and around 250 during the summer. Not only is the new build a logical and essential milestone in the history of the company, it will also act as a point of contact for more than 1,000 people. Alongside holidaymakers, it will be visited by suppliers, media representatives and partners.

The SiMo academy will breathe additional life into the center. The new training and education center will also be incorporated into the new build. No fewer than 44 professions will be taught here in the future, covering all areas of tourism. This makes Silvretta Montafon the largest employer in the tourism industry and creates job prospects for young people.

Alongside the newly created Silvretta area, the public part of the building will also contain the lobby, which will include a meeting place and an information area. Events and other activities will be held on the subjects of nature, adventure, enjoyment and sport.

The new building will literally unite two requirements under a single roof: deeply rooted regional architecture and the use of local materials on the one hand and contemporary proportions on the other. The result is an authentic, laid-back atmosphere and a building that is in keeping with the striking character of the refuge huts that are so widespread in the Montafon.

Construction of the Alpine Sport Center began on April 3, 2017.

It is scheduled for completion in late summer, 2018.

As usual, our construction site blog will keep you up to date!