Old valley station

Silvretta Montafon builds on historic ground

The traditional and the modern combine in Gaschurn “old valley station”

Silvretta Montafon GmbH is investing in the region of 4.9 million euros in expanding its range of tourist attractions:  the “old valley station” of the Versettla single chair-lift will be replaced with a new-build from the start of the 2018/19 winter season. It is to feature a sports shop and an après-ski bar with an open-air and covered terrace, plus an eight meter-long sky bar. The ceremonial ‘first cut of the spade’ took place back at the end of October 2017.

Between 1966 and 1986, the Versettla single chair-lift used to take winter sports fans up into the mountains until it could no longer keep pace with visitor numbers. Now a new chapter will begin on historic ground: the “old valley station” will make way for something new, combined with typical Montafon tradition.



Investment in year-round tourism

The new-build is not only an investment in the range of tourist attractions, but also in year-round tourism. “Our main aim is to establish Silvretta Montafon as an attractive destination for guests throughout the year, and that is also reflected in the catering concept of the “old valley station”.  By using the architecture and a flexible design that allows indoor and outdoor spaces to be separated, we are able to welcome guests in both summer and winter.  A glass facade that can be opened makes it possible to connect the indoor space directly with the terrace when the weather is fine.  The highlight has got to be the eight meter-long sky bar in the open-air guest area, with a breathtaking view over the Silvretta mountain, with the distinctive summit of Vallüla,” enthuses Martin Oberhammer, as he finishes describing the flexibility and variability of the new “old valley station”.